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The ultimate Christmas gift...

Chocolates? Boxes of soap? Yet another innocuous dark blue tie? Are you struggling with that endless Christmas present list? Frustrated by the amount of people you need to buy something for? Overwhelmed by the stress of showing how very deeply you thought about what they would really like - and even more overwhelmed when you add up your ‘total Christmas spend’ and work out the amount of weeks it will take to pay off your credit card?

How many of us thank each other profusely for that perfectly considered present and then, first thing in the morning on the day after Boxing Day, clear the decks and re-gift the poor unwanted thing to the charity shop down the road, or fire up the eBay account for its regular New Year’s outing?


A shameless self-promotion

I have the perfect solution for you. Why not give everyone - all your nearest and dearest, and even those irritating not so near and dear work colleagues that you simply ‘have’ to find something for - the ultimate present that they never knew they wanted. Something that their life truly needs; that they probably never heard of - the gift of their Health Baseline. 

In other words, and not much modesty here, my newly published book ‘Reboot Your Health’, which gives you the what’s, why’s and when’s of everything you need to know about the most important steps you can take to improve your health.


Health, wealth or happiness?

Have you spent as much time as I have wondering which, if you could only have one of the three, it would be? I think, if you have ever been in serious physical discomfort or pain, the last two go rapidly out of the window. Follow the advice in this book, and with luck you will never have to make that difficult three-pronged decision. How much less difficult to simply choose between happiness and wealth instead?


What is your ‘Health Baseline’?

It’s an easy to do, comprehensive assessment and overview of your body. It’s a record that you keep and update each year, giving you a clear picture of your health over time, so that you can track your progress going forwards. It is quick, easy and fascinatingly fun – and how many health books can you say that about?

The first part of the book works through each of your organs and body systems, outlining simple, free or inexpensive tests that you can do at home, including sleep, saliva/urine pH, bowel habits, blood pressure, heart rate, BMI, metabolic rate, candida, thyroid, cholesterol, vitamin deficiency, hormone imbalance and a whole host of other markers. You benchmark your own body against a range of "normal" to work out what’s working properly - and what’s not. The tests are approved by doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists, and are helpful indicators that will flag any issues that may need more in-depth professional advice.

The second part gives you a variety of inexpensive and non-invasive solutions: natural remedies, conventional medical solutions, scientifically proven complementary and alternative approaches, psychological therapies and healing modalities.  Your health really is in your own hands – and the book shows you exactly what and how to sort it.



3 Tests from the Book to Try at Home


1 Assess your body oxygen levels

Why? Without sufficient oxygen, your tissues and organs and cells won’t work properly. If you have breathing issues of any kind, even the simplest steps will make a noticeable difference.

How? Make sure you have not eaten for several hours before you do this test. Sit down and relax all your muscles for five to seven minutes. Breathe out. Pinch your nose closed and count slowly in seconds until you feel you need to take a breath. The number of seconds is the number of your score. 40 seconds or more is normal. 60 is excellent.

What then? Breathing exercises will boost your oxygen levels.  If your numbers continue to be low, you should consult your doctor.


2   Test your thyroid 

Why? Shaped like a butterfly, the thyroid sits in the middle of your neck, under your chin, and produces hormones that regulate your body temperature, weight and digestion. It also keeps your brain working clearly.

How? One of the simplest ways to test your thyroid, before consulting your doctor, is to do a temperature test. (Women should start the test about three days after their period.) As soon as you wake up in the morning, place a thermometer in your armpit. Leave it there for 10 minutes and make a note of the reading. Mark your temperature over a period of days.

What then? If your temperature is consistently lower than 36.6°C (97.8°F) degrees, or higher than 36.8°C (98.2°F), you may need thyroid support.


3 Check for candida

Why? Candida is a common fungus in the body that can cause athlete’s foot, thrush or ringworm, but there are other less obvious symptoms too, including exhaustion and gut and urinary tract infections.

How? Put out a fresh glass of water before going to bed. First thing in the morning, briefly rinse your mouth, swallow, then gather some saliva, not mucus, and spit into the glass of water. Keep an eye on the water for 30 minutes, paying particular attention in the first few minutes. If you have candida overgrowth, you will notice strings hanging down from the saliva; cloudy specks suspended in the water and/or heavy-looking saliva at the bottom of the glass.

What then? Follow the suggestions in the book to sort the problem, naturally and non-invasively


Your body always whispers before it shouts

Make sure you are listening to yours. Take the tests, establish your individual Health Baseline and make sure what you are doing to boost your health is taking you in the right direction – not somewhere else entirely…


Give them the gift of health this Christmas

The book is the ultimate DIY manual for health, written to help you take back responsibility for your own wellbeing and play a part in your own recovery. There comes a moment in the life of mice and men, when we really have to focus. And if others close to you haven’t then perhaps it’s up to you? Stuff their stockings, bombard them under the tree. Reboot their health.

Currently on special offer on Amazon at around £7, you can hardly buy a T-towel for the same amount, and a T-towel, however hard it tries, is never going to give you that most valuable gift of all, and show you how to get healthy and stay healthy, once and for all.

Perfect timing for the ultimate New Year’s Resolution – and truthfully, who doesn’t intend – even for an hour or so - to improve their health at the start of each and every year. Get them ready to go for January 1 and I don’t think it will be your gift that ends up sitting on that overcrowded charity shop shelf! 

You take your car to the garage every year for its MOT and service. Do the same for your body, and everyone else’s too. Sort all your Christmas trauma in one fell swoop and treat yourself to what you really really want with all that money saved!


Buy Reboot Your Health today!

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