Would you give up wearing a bra?

A bra wake-up moment

Earlier this year I had my own bra wake up moment. I was having my annual lymph massage sessions - I have about 3 in a row every 12 months or so just to get anything sluggish moving - when the therapist who knows my system well asked what had happened. My lymph was, she said, seriously congested and she suggested I pay immediate attention. Slightly shocked, I focused, and she was right… my breasts were definitely different.

She advised me to stop wearing a bra immediately. She said I would find myself able to breathe more deeply and any backaches, headaches and breast soreness would simply fade away. Any lumps would smooth out and my breasts would become firmer and more toned in the process. It sounded like a no brainer - but who, at my cup size, could possibly go without a bra for a day, let alone the three months she was suggesting?!

That was 6 months ago now, and with the help of the Pact organic t-shirts my breasts have rarely been happier. They are transformed - literally. I have gone entirely bra-less, apart from the odd occasion when I delve back into my lowest drawer to pull out what used to be a staple of my daily dressing ritual. And I feel so free.

Observing the changes that I noticed just a couple of weeks after taking that decision, and having delved deep into the research linking congested lymph to breast cancer, I can only urge you to give it a go for yourself - even for a month or so. There are organic, chemical free, bust supporting camisoles available that lessen the restriction on your breasts whilst still giving support. Try one and see. Just experience the difference and I am pretty sure you won’t want to go back. Most people don’t realise how congested their breasts have become until they break away from their bras.

6 reasons to check your bra

1 Underwiring

You may have heard that underwired bras are not good for your breast tissue, stopping circulation, causing congestion in your lymph system and building up toxins that can’t be dispersed in a normal way.

Not your problem perhaps? But there are other bra-related issues that may well be.

2 Wearing the wrong size

Make sure your bra is not too tight. Medical evidence now suggests that the longer a tight bra is worn the greater the chance of your developing breast problems. 40% of British women now complain of breast cysts and breast pain. Is there a link with wearing too constricting a bra? A considerable number of people wear their bras day and night - 24/7 - which, studies have shown, leads to a 6 fold incidence of breast cancer compared to general population statistics (Singer, ‘Dressed to kill: the link between breast cancer and bras’)

3 Raising your breasts core temperature

Have you ever observed that your breasts can feel quite a bit hotter than other areas of your body? Natural fabric allows your skin to breathe, synthetic fabric does not, building up internal heat whenever you wear a synthetic bra. In addition, the added pressure on your breasts from overly tight and constricting bras raises your body’s core temperature, suppressing the production of melatonin, which protects you from cancer.

4 Chemically treated synthetic fabric

Have you thought about how many hours a day your breasts are constrained in synthetic material soaked in a variety of chemicals? The majority of bras are made of petro-chemical fibres which stop the skin from breathing properly and releasing invading toxins as it should. Any toxins taken in by the skin bypass the liver’s detoxification system. They leach their chemicals directly into your skin instead and it only takes 26 seconds for whatever you put on your skin to reach your bloodstream. If these toxic chemicals can’t escape, blocked in by a synthetic fabric barrier, where do they go? Breast tissue is largely made up of fat cells and they simply sit there, backing up in your body fat.

5 Allergic reactions and chemical sensitivity

Have you noticed that some bras will give you a rash or make you itch? It’s the chemicals they are made of or sprayed with that triggers a reaction. Probably formaldehyde in the fabric.

6 And what are you washing your clothes in?

There are chemicals in laundry detergents as well as in those fabric softeners and floral scented laundry products that release a myriad of chemical toxins. Dry cleaning? You can smell the chemicals they leave behind from several feet away.

What to do about it?

Buy organic and pesticide free. And if possible, stop wearing a bra altogether. The Bra and Breast cancer study, which followed 4,700 women, found that going bra-less resulted in a 21 fold reduction in breast cancer. Sydney Ross Smith, who funded that research, is now running a trial, the International Bra-Free Study, to gather further data on the topic. Sign up to BraFreeStudy.com and see what you think....

Set your breasts free! and please, let me know how it goes for you.



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Written by health advocate Sara Davenport, founder of one of the UK's leading breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Haven. With over twenty years' experience in holistic health, Sara's digital dose of wellness teaches you to listen to your body, tweak your lifestyle and improve your health. 

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