What the Health?

Some time ago a friend sent me a link to a YouTube film. It was a documentary on the food industry - an exposé about animal welfare and the meat we all take so for granted on our supermarket shelves. I have watched quite a few of these films before. They are hugely upsetting, and make one ashamed to be human, and yet (I am mortified to say) none of them have affected my ability to tuck into a Sunday roast, or sink my teeth with relish into a cheeseburger.

This one was different. ‘What the Health’ is every bit as difficult to witness as I had feared. Which doesn’t make it any less important for each and every one of us to watch, and remove our heads from the sand to consider the suffering and pain that has gone into the lamb chop or pork sausage sitting on your plate.

But what intrigues me about this particular film is that after only 20 minutes of watching, I had to take a call. This completely distracted me and I never watched the rest of it - and still haven’t to this day. So why have I not been able to put another morsel into my mouth since then, having eaten meat all my life? My throat just closes up and I just can’t do it. Weird or what?

I didn’t think much more about it and I have felt great on my vegetarian diet. But then that thing started happening... You know, when the universe wants to draw your attention to something? I started meeting people who had recently become vegetarians or vegans. And each of them had had exactly the same trigger. They had all watched ‘What the Health’ - and that was it. No more meat.

Now I haven’t a clue whether there is a connection here or not, and we are only talking about roughly 16 people in my survey, which is certainly too small a number to qualify as a survey at all.

So it may be that they had all simply got to the end of their meat eating capacity. But it started me thinking. Remember the Coca-Cola adds back in the 70s and 80s? The Coca-Cola Corporation began to incorporate subliminal sales messages in their TV ads, running them in between the programmes with the highest nightly viewings. People felt an inexplicable urge to grab a coke in the ad break and sales of Coca Cola soared. I remember the fuss, and the subsequent banning of the technology. What if it’s back? We know that magicians definitely use similar invisible techniques because they have repeatedly shown us, influencing our minds via invisible messaging.

If there is something about this video that differs from your average food documentary, does that make it a bad thing? Or could it become a tool for immense good, if wielded by the right hands?

Breeding livestock for human consumption is one of the most energy consuming industries on the planet. Did you know that nearly half the rainforest has been cleared, much of it to create grazing for cattle to supply the Western worlds obsession with beef burgers? Or that that the water used in support of a meat eating diet adds up to (allowing for growing the crops to feed the animals, their water, the meat washing and processing) a massive 4,200 gallons every day. A vegan diet, in comparison, uses around 300 gallons daily. Animal waste pollutes our rivers and contaminates our groundwater, and their gases speed us on the way to ever faster global warming. More acutely for the human race, we seem to have become immune to the suffering involved in the feeding our meat eating habits. Immune to animal pain.

So, clear conclusion here. If more people watched the video and had their minds turned happily towards vegetables, they would be saving the world and doing the animals great service at one and the same time. Worth thinking about.

Just think, what if something similar was made for sugar? The health of the entire world would be much improved, silently and subliminally - a bit Big Brother perhaps but better than many population experiments out there. And if it’s happening anyway, perhaps we should all become aware of it as a possibility? Any inexplicable sudden changes in your thinking or behaviour lately? Let me know...

If any readers have experience similar results having watched ‘What the Health?’ I would be really interested to hear from you. None of this is fact, and may well be only the conjurings of my own imagining and my new and unexpected vegetarian state could well be down to something else entirely. Though I have no clue what! 

Perhaps, though, it is entirely possible to watch the whole programme and still love meat with lashings of gravy at the end of it all!


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