What is the NuCalm machine and what does it do?

If I told you there was an incredibly easy to use machine, that in 20 minutes of daily use would put you into a meditative state usually reserved for experienced monks who have been practising for 20 years or more, and what’s more, it would guarantee you a good night’s sleep, would you believe me? Well, there is...

NuCalm for lower stress and improved sleep quality

Last month I was lent the NuCalm machine, which is the world’s first and only patented neuroscience technology that is proven to lower stress and improve your sleep quality without drugs. It manages to flip the switch in your brain that moves you from a stressful state of high cortisol and adrenaline to one of deep relaxation. It slows down your mind and restores the balance of your autonomic nervous system, putting you into REM sleep, which is where the body begins to heal itself.

How does the NuCalm machine work?

Over a period of time Nucalm will train your brain waves. It takes them from the (13-30 hertz per second) beta range associated with normal everyday living, or the high beta range associated with anxiety and fear (23-40 hertz per second), and moves them into the alpha and theta ranges (4-12 hertz per second) associated with deep relaxation. If you can get your brainwaves into theta, it is literally impossible to be anxious - a perfect antidote for those of us with anxiety issues.

How to use the NuCalm machine

There are several parts to the NuCalm system, all of them separately contributing to the end result. First you rub a gel (a secret NuCalm formula of nutrients that calm the system - but I know that it includes GABA, the calming neurotransmitter) into the sides of your neck. Then you attach two micro-current stimulation patches behind each ear, which relaxes you even further. The NuCalm headphone plays a series of calming music tracks designed to distract your conscious mind. Behind the music are a series of imprinted binaural beats that gradually bring your body into a state of deep relaxation. Finally, you put a light blocking eye mask on and lie back under a cosy blanket with your eyes closed and your NuCalm experience begins.


Micro-current stimulation and relaxing beats

The first time I used the machine, I fell deeply asleep within 5 minutes and woke with a start to find I had slept like the dead for nearly an hour. If you have a sleep 'deficit' of any kind, NuCalm works to fill it and bring you back to normal. You may find you sleep through the whole experience for the first couple of weeks if you are deeply exhausted. Once your 'sleep bank' is full, however, you stay wide awake, listening to the soothing tracks of guitar, piano and softly moving water.

NuCalm: An alternative to meditation

When I reached that point, after about 5 days, I found the experience changed. As I sat there, all my usual 'list' of things to do, came swirling into my mind, but then they drifted off again, until my mind was empty but entirely present - presumably how you are meant to feel after a successful meditation.  As 85% of meditators are said to never reach that point, Nucalm could be a very viable alternative to achieve the same physical and mental effects. It was deeply peaceful and calming. To start with, from time to time, my body would twitch, like it sometimes does as you drift off to sleep. I noticed that my breath got deeper and more regular.

At a certain point my brain seemed to wake up. It didn't want to do any more and I found myself sitting up and taking off the headphones and eye mask. This time only 22 minutes had passed but I felt full of energy and ready to go. With this effect in mind, it’s probably better to avoid using NuCalm in the evening as it can be so invigorating that you’ll stay awake for a while after using it. That night I slept like a log and didn't wake up once.

NuCalm insomnia cure

The feeling I get from using Nucalm makes it almost addictive. Now on week three of training my brain, I find my body slips instantly into the relaxation as soon as the music starts. Pavlovian reaction I suppose. My sleep is much more regular and I wake up refreshed rather than tired as I used to.

I LOVE this technology...  my NuCalm half an hour is now the high point of my day. I can make up all sorts of excuses as to why I don't 'need' to exercise today - but miss my Nucalm - never!


Find out more about the NuCalm machine by watching the video.