Traditional and natural remedies from around the world

What did we use to get better in the days when the air and the oceans were clean, the earth was full of nutrients and working in the fields was all the exercise we needed? Plants, of course.

Nature’s superfood healers - their roots, fruits and vegetables, dried, raw or boiled, as oils, tinctures or teas, were what we relied on for centuries - and still can.

Where are you off to this year? Unusual countries have unusual cures. Pick up a few tips on your travels this summer...

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Healing Herbs - a glossary of traditional and natural remedies from around the world

Serbia - helichrysum - healing and anti-ageing properties, lowers blood pressure

Russia - Willow herb - tea that reduces fever, boosts energy and relieves headaches

Balkans - Coltsfoot tea - clears mucus and helps asthma, coughs, bronchitis

Italy - Thyme - wipes out bacteria

Australia - Eucalyptus - contains condole which eases coughs and soothes sinuses

Australia - Tea tree - improves acne, eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections

Middle East - Liquorice root - calms inflammation, fights off lung infections

Turkey and Lebanon - Oregano oil - decongestant, eases joint pain

Spain - Lemons - use the juice to test your stomach acid levels

Germany - Cabbage - Sauerkraut contains natural digestive enzymes to sort indigestion, bloating and gas

Barbados - Grapefruit seed - extract wipes out candida

Iran - Raw garlic - for fungal infections

Mexico - Papaya and pineapple - full of bromelain and papain, natural digestive enzymes to help with digestion

Greece - Gum from the mastic tree - dissolves mucus

Canada - Slippery elm tea - relieves IBS

England - Apple cider vinegar - anti microbial and alkalises your body

South East Asia - Ginger tea - effective against viruses and microbes

Russia - Hypericum - boosts kidneys, heals wounds and cuts

Central and South Americas - Mimosa pudica powder - wipes out parasites

Philippines - Coconut oil - anti-fungal

India - Turmeric - anti parasite anti-inflammatory, helps painful joints, improves liver function

Eastern North America - Slippery elm - for constipation

Canada - Goldenseal - heals the pancreas and lowers blood sugar levels

Colombia - Coffee - for detoxification, liver boosting and bile release

Amazon rainforest - Chanca piedra - for strengthening your kidneys and dissolving kidney stones

Angola - Borututu bark - boosts liver function, good for indigestion and fatigue

Germany - Beetroot juice - improves bile flow

Greece - Olive leaf - strengthens the thymus, anti-cold and flu remedy also good for gout and arthritis

Amazon rainforest - Pau d’arco - fights candida, arthritis and prostrate inflammation. Boosts thymus

China - Green tea - strengthens the spleen, speeds up metabolism, calms the brain

Bhutan - Ginseng - boosts energy, lowers blood sugar and boosts male libido

India - Ashwaganda - lowers cortisol and stress levels, helps memory

Sri Lanka - Cinnamon - balances blood sugar levels, halts sugar cravings

Spain - Chaste berry or agnus castus - regulates hormones and lessens hot flushes. Reduces female sexual desire

Asia - Gotu kola - relieves fatigue, anxiety and depression

Italy - Valerian – nature’s alternative sleeping pill

Brazil - Açai berry - reduces high blood pressure

Mongolia - Astragalus - anti-ageing, immune system booster

Costa Rica - Cacao - eaten raw it boosts endorphins

Guatemala - chia - an energy giving Mayan grain, high in protein and omega 3s

Tibet - Goji berries - anti-ageing and good for eye health

Peru - Maca - good for bones and menopause

Siberia - Rhodiola - regulates stress, increases serotonin, good for depression

America - Wheatgrass - alkalises the body and stimulates thyroid and metabolism


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