Toxic teeth

Have you had work done in your mouth? Fillings, implants, root canals or crowns? If you have, and if you have problems of any kind, then the information you will read here could literally reboot your health.


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The truth about mercury fillings

It was for decades, unfortunately for many of us, the policy of the NHS in England to pay their dentists by the filling. Those fillings used to contain large amounts of mercury. And, even more unfortunately for us middle aged children of the NHS, unless a dentist gave you a filling on each trip to his clinic, he simply didn't get paid. So what do you think frequently happened? We all got fillings when there may not have been anything wrong with our teeth at all. And many people are still living with the health consequences of that ill thought out policy.

We know now that mercury is toxic and causes mental health and physical problems. The World Health Organisation considers mercury one of the top 10 most dangerous chemicals for human health. It clearly states that even the smallest amount of mercury exposure can cause serious problems, affecting almost all our body systems: immunity, digestion, nervous system, kidneys, eyes, skin and lungs.

I would suggest that the location of our teeth could also mean that mercury can affect the brain.

Google for 'mercury vapour toxic fillings' and watch what happens as your mercury fillings age. Continual grinding breaks through the original seal that held it in check and allows a fine mercury mist to release directly into your mouth. You swallow that mercury, which lodges in your organs. It invades the soft palate of your mouth, eventually penetrating the tissues of your brain. Dodgy memory and brain fog? Consider mercury poisoning.

Have you been able to buy one of those mercury thermometers from our childhoods recently? No. They have been removed from the shelves and are no longer available. Did you ever stop to consider why? Because if you dropped them on the floor and they broke, they caused all sorts of issues. The liquid mercury inside is recognised as a health hazard and they are accordingly banned.

So why, you may logically ask yourself, has no-one taken responsibility for the millions of people walking around today with mercury in their mouths? Or organised for those fillings to be removed and replaced with a safer alternative? A giant elephant in the room seems to me to be filling it, excuse the pun, to overflowing. Possibly to avoid a litigation landslide that would bankrupt the health service. 


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Root canals, implants and crowns

And mercury fillings are just the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever really thought about what’s gone into your mouth over the years? Toxic metals are one of the few things that the body cannot get rid of on its own. And your teeth may well be full of them. Gold crowns, metal amalgam fillings, titanium alloy implants - metal everywhere perhaps? Different metals in your mouth change the pH of your saliva and can create a damagingly acidic environment. Get rid of those metals though, and health ‘miracles’ often happen. 

A hair mineral analysis is a good first step to see if you have a metal overload. You can send off for a kit on the internet, return it with a sample of your hair and you receive a multi-page report on what shows up. It covers uranium, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, copper, aluminum and nickel. If your levels are high and you don't take action, they will just continue to build in your body, exacerbating existing health issues, and possibly causing new ones as time goes by.


3 things to consider about root canals and implants

Many of us have had a tooth in trouble, where the decision had to be made to save it or replace it. A root canal and a crown? Or remove the tooth altogether and replace it with an implant and a whole new tooth.

But those basic decisions are not the whole story. Implants and root canals can themselves sometimes be a root cause (sorry another dodgy pun!) of ill health.

Root canals can cause infections under the treated tooth, which often don't show up even with an X-ray. Toxins then flood your system, causing unexpected problems and sometimes, eventually, serious disease. Implants can further weaken an already stressed organ.


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Which tooth links to which organ?

The issue here is which tooth is being worked on or replaced. What energy meridian line is it sitting on? What organ does it link to and do you already have health issues in that area of your body?

In the East, the meridian system has been charted and mapped for thousands of years. Until fairly recently, the West dismissed the existence of acupuncture and meridians, but science has now proved once and for all that the energy lines exist and can be viewed with the latest scanning technology. Everything is exactly as described in Chinese literature written down over 5,000 years ago.

The Chinese system acknowledges the connection between the teeth, the meridians and our organs. Each tooth is effectively fed and watered by a specific meridian, and links to a specific organ.

In my years at the Haven, for example, I noticed that a number of the visitors had root canals in the same teeth. Researching the connection further, I discovered that those teeth sat on the meridians connected to the breast. If your immune system is already weak, implanting a metal rod directly into a meridian does you no favours. A weakened meridian means a weakened organ.

My father recently had several implants removed. He had become seriously concerned about his memory. He was forgetting names and frequently confused. He had had years of dental work on the NHS but he was so worried that he booked in to see a mercury free private dentist, who removed the offending teeth, finding deeply entrenched infection and poison underneath which he drained. Some of my fathers metal implants had eroded and had been slowly poisoning him. The symptoms cleared up rapidly over the weeks after the operation. His brain is back to 100%, much to his relief. Not the onset of Alzheimer's after all, but rather down to toxic dentistry.

Think back to the time you had your last lot of dental work. Have any new symptoms flared since? Study the chart and work out which tooth was worked on and which organ it relates to. If that is your problem organ, then this may be your way forward.

And if your dentist debunks meridians, just be aware he isn't up to date with the latest research. Hopefully, his dentistry techniques are not equally outdated.


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What is your implant made from?

Secondly, if you have gone for an implant, consider what it is made from. 95% of all implants are made of titanium alloys. And titanium corrodes over time. Effectively, it can rust. If it does, that rust will cause all sorts of problems. Metal can flake off; pus can build up causing inflammation. Tired all the time? It may be your body using most of its energy to keep a lid on your toxic teeth, not leaving much over to manage the rest of you.


Brain fog?

The third thing to consider is that when your body has more than one piece of metal in it, it can set up a force field between the different metals, like a radio transmitter, creating a frequency that can affect all sorts of things, but again, mainly your brain.

Brain fog? Count your metal content. And not just in your mouth. Do you have replacement hips or knees, fillings in your mouth, a pacemaker for your heart? Even shrapnel or a stent? Metal is viewed as 'alien' by the body, which doesn't recognise it. It sets off all sorts of alarms, upping defensive systems, which go on high alert - permanently.


The Way Forward

Find a dentist who knows what they are talking about and has the proper equipment for mercury removal if that’s the route you eventually decide to take. The British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry has lists of approved practitioners. Many are members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Book in for a check-up. Make up your mind later, once you have read more extensively on the subject and done your research thoroughly.

Your health issues may very well stem from the condition of your teeth. Put dental research high on your list and perhaps, like my father, you will get your health back in hand.


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Written by health advocate Sara Davenport, founder of one of the UK's largest breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Haven. With over twenty years' experience in holistic health, Sara's digital dose of wellness teaches you to listen to your body, tweak your lifestyle and improve your health. 

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