REBOOT RECOMMENDS TouchPoints: Review of the ultimate stress buster?

Are your stress levels at breaking point? TouchPoints could be the answer

I had to travel all the way to the States to find these small black miracles - and only then discover that they have a UK distributor who lives a few minutes off the route I take most weekends to visit my parents. But the trip - and the expense - was most definitely worth it for the wonder of finding this life-changing (and I use the word gravely) device.

So what are TouchPoints?

In a nutshell, they release stress from your brain in a matter of minutes, just by holding them in the palm of your hands - or wearing them on your wrists.

How do TouchPoints work?

They are extremely simple to use. They use bi-lateral alternating stimulation technology (BLAST) to restore calm in your brain and boost rational thinking. In ‘normal’ speak what they do is buzz and vibrate - at a different rate and timing in each hand, over-riding the brain’s habitual patterns and in the process releasing any stress build up.

They have three settings, which you adjust according to the severity of your symptoms. The blue light triggers a calming beat and rhythm - useful if you are feeling overloaded by the day’s workload or to-do list. Purple is for more extreme situations - that time when it feels like you really, really can’t cope any more - and anxiety and panic threaten to overwhelm you. Yellow works like a dream when you go to sleep at night; no more tossing and turning and counting those sheep for hours. Within minutes you find yourself out like a light.

And I know this for sure, because not only have I looked at the brain scans of before and after guinea pigs, but I have been using them myself for a few weeks now, and been testing them on two readers with acute stress and depression. None of us, I can report, will be living our lives without them henceforth.

TouchPoints and heart rate, blood pressure, depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s, hyperactivity, ADHD, OCD and memory

But back to the science behind the TouchPoints, which may convince you rather more than my effusive writing. There are a multitude of research papers available online demonstrating the effectiveness of the technology they incorporate. They all show remarkable results with heart rate, blood pressure levels, depression and anxiety. They improve motor function in Parkinson’s, and also improve symptoms of hyperactivity, ADHD, OCD and memory function.

TouchPoints and autism

A recent week-long trial at a  special educational needs school in South Wales for children with autism and severe learning difficulties showed an average 72.35% reduction in behaviours simply by using the TouchPoints for three 15-minute sessions a day. More specifically, there was an average 78% reduction in lying on the floor during the day, a 95% reduction in screaming, and a reduction in self injuring of 93.4%. Remarkable or what?!

The moral of the tale seems to be remove the stress and your body simply starts functioning more efficiently.

Reboot Subscriber TouchPoints discount code

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The basic model, which is really all you need, usually costs £180. Save a solid £22.50 and order directly by using the discount code included in the newsletter.

Amy Serin et al ‘The Therapeutic Effect of Bilateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile Form Technology on the Stress Response’ Journal of Biotechnology and Biomedical Science. Issn No:2576-6694




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