The best of Reboot Health 2018

A round-up of the 12 most popular blogs on Reboot Health in 2018, including 10 inexpensive beauty tips, cancer fighting teas and why coffee is good for you.

It’s been such an exciting year for Reboot Health, with 40,000 visitors to the site reading over 60,000 articles! Thank you. And the publication of Reboot Your Health in June was of course a high point.

But what were the most popular posts of 2018?


1. The amazing health benefits of coffee

Coffee is a controversial drink. Although it's not often promoted as a health food, there are many scientific studies looking at the benefits of coffee. Plus, three bonus benefits including coffee as a cellulite treatment, coffee enemas and coffee to keep away mosquitos.


2. 5 ways to keep mosquitos away

How to stop mosquitos from bugging you with five natural insect-repellent ideas.


3. Why lentils are great for your health

Want an easy, healthy way to keep your family feeling good? Lentils are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. Try my two favourite lentil recipes.


4. How to lose weight and still eat chocolate

I experimented with ways to lose weight effortlessly (and still eat chocolate!). After a summer of indulgence and half a stone to shift, I investigated intermittent fasting and low carb diets, coming up with an easy answer that's working well for me.


5. Cancer fighting teas and tinctures

Some of the alternative teas and tinctures available which reportedly fight cancer.

6. 7 herbal teas with health benefits

Find out why swapping your caffeine-filled morning cuppa for a herbal alternative is better for your health. Plus, 7 herbal teas with health benefits to get you started. Discover my recommendations, including chamomile, nettle and peppermint, plus more unusual options. 


anti ageing.jpeg

7. 7 pain free and natural anti-ageing secrets

My top seven tips for natural anti-ageing beauty treatments. Forget Botox, cosmetic surgery and other painful procedures, instead read my experiences of acupuncture, face massage, aloe vera and collagen, plus a couple of recipes for natural face masks.


8. 10 ways to grow older gracefully

Looking for natural alternatives to cosmetic surgery? I found ten natural, inexpensive options to reduce signs of ageing, from jade rollers to snail therapy.


9. Sugar: How to kick the habit

Sugar is highly addictive. Discover what it does to your body and how to quit sugar with Sara's easy guide, plus a look at sugar alternatives like stevia, honey, agave nectar and maple syrup.


10. The Truth about Salt

Discover the impact salt has on our health. What is salt and what are the different types available? Find answers to these questions plus discover what health ailments salt contributes to and how to remove it from your diet.

11. Candida: 8 ways to clear thrush naturally

Candida is the usually invisible, mischief maker that may well be behind many health issues, both physical and mental.


12. Why stress is like a glass of water

Stress is the ubiquitous buzzword bandied about as the root of most evils. An excuse for everything and anything, used indiscriminately, and definitely the cause of many a health issue. But is it real? And is it something you should pay more attention to?

Thanks to everyone who reads Reboot Health for making 2018 such a great year. Here’s to an even more successful 2019!


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Written by health advocate Sara Davenport, founder of one of the UK's leading breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Haven. With over twenty years' experience in holistic health, Sara's digital dose of wellness teaches you to listen to your body, tweak your lifestyle and improve your health. 

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