Reboot Recommends | The ultimate snoring solution? The motion pillow

How often have you bought those endless cures for snoring that never ever seem to actually do what they say on the packet? The strange contraption that fits over your teeth and that you are meant to be oblivious to as you vainly attempt to sleep and breathe at the same time? The strips of tape that you stick across your nose? The straps under your chin? The oddly shaped earpiece that wakes you up every time you turn your head in the night?

Finally, someone came up with something simple, practical and entirely comfortable. And what’s more, it has an app (don’t groan here - it is fascinating) that records how many times you snore each night, and what decibels you reach in the process. I know each of us is confident we hardly snore at all - but the reality is utterly shocking, on average 1,800 times a night or more!

This is a pillow with 4 small ‘airbags’ that slips under your pillowcase and you don’t even notice is there. It is attached to a control box (no electricity or radiation here - I checked) that responds only to the sound of your snoring. Start raising the roof in the middle of the night and it gently fills the airbags with air, moving your head in the process - with pretty much the same effect as someone shoving you in the leg, though that usually wakes you up sharpish. The snoring stops. Start again, and it moves your head in a different direction, and all without disturbing your sleep at all.

Have a partner that also snores? You just need two of the devices, one on either side of the bed. No more noise, no more disturbed sleep or white-faced exhaustion in the morning.

A good night’s rest is finally within all of our reach....


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