REBOOT RECOMMENDS | ‘Root to Stem’ by Alex Laird

A small, perfectly-sized hardback book at a very affordable price of £9.99, this is one to add to your medicine cabinet to carry you through the ups and downs of the seasons and deal with the health problems that each, in myriad different ways, brings.

Alex Laird has been practicing and teaching as a medical herbalist for more than 20 years. Trained in biomedicine and plant pharmacology, she runs the only NHS herbal clinic based in a UK hospital at Whipps Cross.

I worked with her for many years at Breast Cancer Haven, and there is little that she doesn’t know and understand about the hidden benefits of everyday plants – as well as the less known medicinal properties of each of them. Did you know that nettles contain more calcium than milk, for example? Or that the Aloe Vera plant can reduce pollution in your home?

Learn to eat in rhythm with the earth

‘Root to Stem’ by Alex Laird moves through the year, suggesting what to grow and what to pick, and listing the wild and the cultivated foods that peak each season. Alex teaches that plants are both food and medicine, and each chapter gives you helpful tips on making a whole range of your own natural remedies – from cold, flu and cough remedies to the most effective plant-based anti-mosquito repellents alongside solutions for jet lag and stomach problems.

She also includes a wide range of easy to make recipes, simple enough for even the most basic cook to manage; tells you which foods work as remedies for allergies or for hay fever and adds in innumerable fascinating facts - such as whether you should keep specific fruits and vegetables on the kitchen counter or in the fridge – and why.

Definitely a keeper…


Buy your copy of ‘Root to Stem’ by Alex Laird here.


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