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I had a bit of a macrobiotic thing when I was in my early thirties. I had been studying the work of Michio Kushi, and decided that macrobiotics was the way forward. I needed someone to show me how to cook according to his principles (being rubbish in the kitchen generally) and looked for a macrobiotic cook to give me lessons. And that was when I first came across Gosia Gorna. Apart from being a brilliant chef, and working in depth with people on their health problems, she was clearly a natural intuitive, and could read their emotional problems as easily as if she was reading a book. More than that, she knew exactly what they needed to resolve them.

My cooking was terrible and my macrobiotic phase ended a few months later, with the majority of my friends politely but firmly declining to come to supper until I had recovered my senses. It really didn’t taste that great. Macrobiotics over, but my friendship with Gosia has lasted more than 20 years now. We worked together at The Haven and whenever something tricky comes along, I go to her for a session in the sure knowledge I will come out with a clear solution.

Set yourself free from fear

This month, I am focusing on the importance of cleaning up your mind - every bit as vital to restoring your health as sorting out your body. What better person then to choose as this month’s ‘Reboot Hero’ than Gosia. And very usefully, her first book has just been published - The Expansion Game - which gives you her personal, and very powerful, technique for clearing fear.

There is nothing more important, in my opinion, than finding and addressing your fears if you either want to get healthy, or stay healthy. Fear sits firmly hidden behind most of the negative emotions – anger, jealousy, rage, anxiety or any other difficult feeling. We all have our fears, whether that fear is of a person, an event, or a deep rooted issue from childhood - fear of not being good enough, fear of losing something or someone, fear of commitment, fear of rejection. The list of the fears that rule us goes on and on.

Whatever your own intrinsic fears, releasing them can only improve both your mental and your physical health. The Expansion Game shows you how to do that yourself, in the privacy of your own home, simply and effectively. It is a deep working technique that will set you free of patterns that may have been holding you back all your life.

Gosia explains how she works in the video below:

Give yourself an emotional spring clean this New Year. Put down a burden or two. We all have them, and have probably carried them for so long we are accustomed to the weight. You will be amazed how much lighter you feel - emotionally and physically - when you let them go. And it’s so simple to do.

How to contact Gosia:
020 8763 8848

New Year, New You
‘The Year I Would Love to Have’                    

This is the one day course that Gosia has been running every January for the past 17 years, giving you a powerful kick start to 2018.

You will:

* Set your vision and intentions for a successful next 12 months
* Tap into your intuition for greater clarity about 2018
* Use powerful and tested manifestation techniques
* Magnetically attract new opportunities and people

The Workshop Details:

Sunday 21st January 2018
Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock, Commerce Rd, Brentford, London TW8 8GA

• Regular price: £120
• Early Bird: £79 ( if booked before 7th January 2018)
• Special offer! £158 (3 tickets for the price of 2)



Written by health advocate Sara Davenport, founder of one of the UK's largest breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Haven. With over twenty years' experience in holistic health, Sara's digital dose of wellness teaches you to listen to your body, tweak your lifestyle and improve your health. 

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