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It is hard to find organic, sustainably produced fashion that you actually want to wear. It’s easy to track down a straightforward plain T-shirt, pair of yoga pants or cosy sweatshirt, which is all well and good for a chilled-down weekend. But what to do if you need to up your game and stick to your principles while somehow managing to stay stylish and presentable in your next business meeting?

This is the gap in market that Livotte does an excellent job of filling. is a London based company that was set up by Beth Pollack and Delphine McNeill in 2016. After years of experience working globally in fashion, they joined forces, breaking away to re-invent the basic T-shirt and turn it into something altogether more glamorous.

They currently have 19 designs in production, each made of fine organic cotton jersey that’s thick enough to cover yet still falls beautifully. They are all stress-tested to ensure that 200 washes later, they still look as good as the day you first opened the packet. No shrinkage, no fading and no pilling.

In black or white - take your pick... or indeed, pick several. Their designs are classic, easy to wear - and best of all, toxin free!

Shop now at and head over to the Livotte blog for a mini interview with me about being a woman in business.

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