Another Brexit metaphor found in Vegas. And my number one health choice of the fair: Aire

Being keen to promote the best of British, I was hoping to award my first prize to a great British invention before turning to the rest of the world. But sadly, in this ‘just about to Brexit’ time, if what goes on in Vegas is a metaphor for the UK’s existence outside Europe, then our chances of becoming a world player on the global stage look dim indeed.

The most exciting part of CES is the aptly named Eureka Park, where the brightest and best innovators of every nation, supported by their various governments, display their prowess to the rest of the world. Multi-coloured pavilions from every land abound. Walk into the hall and you are instantly confronted by France - a carefully brand co-ordinated sea of stands that stretched for miles. Who knew France was so inventive - and so impressive. There must have been 150 of them. Next Holland, bright orange and seething with ideas. Switzerland, Italy, Greece...and impressive presences from Israel, Korea, China..the list went on and on.

But where was the UK? I knew Liam Fox, the current Trade and Industry minister, had flown in specially, presumably making the effort to support and consolidate post Brexit Trade. Siemens, Omron, Phillips and all the mega health companies trawl this hall competing to head hunt the latest and brightest concepts to add to their vast empires.

I walked till my feet were sore, repeatedly questioning the fair officials who assured me there was no U.K. pavilion. They checked in the guide books - nothing. Finally, almost by accident, I heard an English voice and headed towards his stand. Why wasn’t Britain there? I asked. I thought our tech sector was growing rapidly. He showed me the tiny patch of American soil that was temporarily British, a small sad collection of minuscule stands. Not so much a British Pavilion, but more a British Hut. 15 of them in total - all with great products and vast enthusiasm, but not much obvious support from their motherland. I should imagine Liam’s flights, food and accommodation cost the British taxpayer more than the U.K. ‘s show case for our health technology. Perhaps Liam could take inspiration from his French counterpart. As in much of life, it’s all about the initial impression and if that’s the best the British can do (note the lack of Great British...based on appearances here what are our chances of hanging on to the ‘Great’ in the future?) it doesn’t bode well for our brave new global trading partnerships ongoing.

My Vegas first... and a first for your gut

But back to my first choice amongst the health gadgets. A tricky decision to make but won by the most enthusiastic of the stand holders I talked to that first day and a product that, despite its simplicity could be literally life changing for many of us suffering from painful and life impacting gut problems.

And my winner is ......the Aire device from the New York based company, FoodMarble. A genius invention. It just launched in December, so you heard it here first!

What is FoodMarble’s Aire device?


This is a tiny, happy coloured, pocket sized product that lets you test hydrogen levels in your breath, identifying the foods that your gut can’t properly digest. Research shows that if your digestive system is struggling with a specific food, that food will begin to ferment in your stomach, giving off quantities of hydrogen gas that can be precisely measured and identified from your breath.

Breathe into the Aire an hour or so after you have eaten, and the results are sent to its connected app, flagging the foods you are struggling with and allowing you to create a specially tailored diet replacing the problem makers with the foods your gut prefers.

Want to know what foods you are intolerant to?

aire 3.JPG

Each of us has a different collection of gut bacteria that is affected by the different things we eat, and it’s not just ‘unhealthy’ foods that may trigger a reaction. Fruits and vegetables could be your culprits just as much as gluten or lactose.

Sometimes it’s easy to tell and the reaction is obvious 10 minutes after you have eaten it. But some foods have to work their way through the entire length of your colon before showing up as a stomach ache or gas filled grumble, and how can you tell if it’s the bowl of pasta you ate at lunchtime that triggered the reaction - or the blueberry snack you grabbed 3 hours later? This machine gives you a reliable picture in a matter of seconds.

Establish what you are allergic to, or have an intolerance to, remove that food from your diet, and hey presto - finally, peace in your intestines. Goodbye bloating, gas, IBS and more serious digestive problems. Hello a happy - and hopefully flatter - stomach!



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Written by health advocate Sara Davenport, founder of one of the UK's leading breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Haven. With over twenty years' experience in holistic health, Sara's digital dose of wellness teaches you to listen to your body, tweak your lifestyle and improve your health. 

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