Health effects and benefits of ozone and ozonators

How I discovered home ozone machines

I first got into ozone when I spilt an entire pot of double cream in my stepmother's new car. This was on the first day she proudly drove it home. It was hot summer and no matter how hard I scrubbed and scrubbed I couldn't get it all out. A few days later, the stench of rancid dairy was overwhelming. Despite professional cleans and deep steam treatments, it just wouldn't go away. Desperate, I rifled through my already burgeoning collection of books and magazines that offered solutions to just about everything, and came across an article on ozone. I spent my savings on a car ozonator, and magically, it worked. My stepmother smiled again and I have taken ozone very seriously ever since.

It's easy to find car and home-ozone machines online.

Home ozonators are available online
Home ozonators are available online

What is ozone?

Ozone is that smell of fresh air at the beach, that electricity in the air after thunder and lightening. It is a natural gas that along with UV light, destroys odours and energises the air. Inside our modern, sealed homes, however, there is very little of either. But now you can solve the problem with your own ozone machine. These are small plug-in devices that create ozone and pour it into the air inside your house, destroying bacteria and neutralising smells of all kinds - dogs, smelly feet, mould, sweaty gym bags, your teenager's stinky bedroom. Whatever the problem, the applications are endless. I have one in my clothes and shoe cupboard and every couple of months switch it on for a quick chemical-free reboot, leaving everything smelling clean and fresh. I have another in my fridge to keep it fresh and free of mould. It keeps the vegetables and fruit alive for longer too.

But for health issues, ozone is unsurpassed. Not only does it up the oxygen levels in your body, but it destroys the free radicals that continually create health problems, eliminating pathogens and toxins and cleaning up your system.

What are the health benefits of ozonators?

All diseases are linked to an increase in your oxidation levels. Reduce them, and logically, your body will begin to recover. Ozone has the capacity to reduce oxidation levels, helping your immune system to reboot and begin to heal itself. Ozone kills bacteria and viruses, and can help reduce pain according to some studies. It is a miracle healing tool and has been used globally as a medicinal tool for more than 50 years with no reported side effects.

It is best to find a professional ozone practitioner to have ozone therapy for your health. There are various different ways of getting it into your body. I have to say I chose not to try the rectal approach. Goodness knows why, as I spend quite a bit of time having colonics and the odd enema. I think it was probably the rather grim looking Bulgarian therapist that put me off a closer personal connection! Rectal ozone is actually one of the most efficient ways of getting ozone into your body. Minimally invasive and usually done via a syringe or bag, it takes just two or three minutes and diffuses rapidly through the colon walls.

Testing out the ozone sauna

The ozone sauna is pretty similar to a normal Finnish sauna. It's the James Bond one, where you sit in a sealed unit with your head sticking out the top so that you are not breathing ozone in directly. Weight loss and detoxification are the usual effects, great side effects for a not that comfortable procedure. It gets really, really hot in there. Make sure you drink a lot of water afterwards to replace what you've sweated out. After my treatment I really felt for James Bond when he got trapped in the machine by whichever villain was out to get him - not a nice way to go. I couldn't wait for my session to end. Its definitely a health procedure rather than a lovely spa treatment.

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How do ozone saunas work?

Saunas, used therapeutically, can recreate the internal effects of a fever, without any of the discomfort. At 102 degrees F cancer cells are said to die; at 104F the polio virus gets stopped in its tracks and the pneumonia bacterium is wiped out at 106F. In a 1959-review of studies on the effects of heat treatments, Mayo Clinic researcher Dr. Wakim and colleagues found that the number of white blood cells in the blood increased by an average of 58% during artificially induced fever.

You sweat out a vast number of toxins through your skin and it's been estimated that up to 30% of the body's waste is eliminated that way. I notice that if I weigh myself, directly before and then again after, a shower, my weight on the scales drops, presumably sloughing off the dead cells and perspiration.

When you add ozone to the mix, however, through your open pores, your lymphatic system gets boosted; your organs, cells and tissues are flooded with oxygen and your immune system is rebooted, enabling healing to begin.

Ozone facials

How ozone facials work

How ozone facials work

I always look for facials (not that I have many!) that include ozone treatment at the end of the session. The therapist runs a small rod over your face that wipes out any bacteria or inflammation - no red blotches or post facial spots afterwards, ever. It gives off a strange ozone smell, and prickles slightly as she moves it. The combination of oxygen and electricity stimulates your blood circulation and leaves your skin fresh and glowing.

Ozonated olive oil: an effective home remedy

Last but not least, in the list of ozone options, is ozonated olive oil. An inexpensive remedy, this is used to help heal myriad health problems including eczema, sores and skin lesions, acne, fungal infections, herpes - the list goes on and on. Ozone is bubbled through the olive oil for several days, until it solidifies into a Vaseline-type consistency salve. You can store it for months this way in your fridge without losing any of its healing properties. This seems to be the only natural way to stabilise the ozone, without adding chemicals or preservatives.

Experiment, try ozone for yourself, and please let me know how it goes.

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