Wheatgrass benefits

The smell of wheatgrass makes me feel instantaneously ill. I am, apparently, in a small minority. Most people love it, both the taste, which is sweet, and the scent which they describe as similar to new mown grass. Me, I loathe it, and have to force it down my throat. But force it I do, because research shows it’s powerful stuff.

I first tried it because I was in search of something natural and non-toxic that stopped hair turning grey. That’s my ultimate ‘health holy grail’ - something that could transform so many of our lives, and lighten our hairdressing burden to boot. Rather like King Arthur and his knights, however, I still haven’t found it. Despite the hideous potions I have drunk, and the strange smelling lotions I have smeared that magic formula remains elusive. Instead I cover my head every couple of months with potentially carcinogenic hair dyes and worry about the health of my brain instead. But I still sporadically continue searching- that search, after all, brought me to the miraculous wheatgrass and despite the damage I am doing to my brain in the hairdressers, I am hopeful that my daily dose of wheatgrass cancels out the bad stuff.

But back to the emerald green shades of the blades that shoot from the kernels found in an ear of wheat: the bit you husk in your hands if you pick a stalk, standing in the middle of a summery field. Soak the wheat seeds in water overnight and then plant in organic earth and they will grow, rapidly. I now know, having researched it a lot, and swallowed far more than I wanted to, that this bright green leaf, that looks remarkably similar to unmown grass, is nature’s wonder remedy and more likely than most other things I can think of to bring powerful healing in its wake.

What are the health benefits of wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is said to reduce high blood pressure and improve circulation. 70% chlorophyll, it is the plant kingdoms ‘blood equivalent’, almost structurally identical to our own blood’s haemoglobin. Chlorophyll wipes out bacteria, removes toxins and boosts your tired liver. Drinking freshly juiced wheatgrass feels similar (so people tell me) to receiving a blood infusion - an invigorating pick me up that energises your tissues, raises your enzyme levels and speeds up your metabolism. As it snakes its vibrant green way down your throat, it gives you an immediate and instantaneous boost. You can feel the ‘hit’ as it goes straight to your brain.

What minerals and vitamins does wheatgrass contain?

Chlorophyll is a blood purifier, and wheatgrass will detox your organs faster than most other options. It contains high levels of vitamins A, C, D, K and the B complexes, as well as B17, the cancer fighting Laetrile. Just a tiny glass of wheatgrass apparently contains more than 100 minerals and vitamins.

Wheatgrass is high in oxygen, allowing both your body and brain to thrive. Drink a small shot daily and you multiply and re-energise both your red and your white blood cells and rapidly reboot the immune system, balancing your blood sugar in the process.

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How to use wheatgrass

You can buy it in freeze dried capsule form (which obviously, for me, tastes better) or frozen, but as ever fresh is best. Producers can deliver boxes to your door - a living green mat that looks remarkably like what’s growing on your lawn. Put it through your juicer and drink within a few minutes or the nourishment dissipates and disappears.

Sound far too good to be true? Try it. Experiment with a couple of 2oz shots a day and track your energy levels over the period of a week.

It’s just a lot easier if you like the taste!

How to buy wheatgrass

Aconbury Sprouts will deliver wheatgrass direct to your door for around £5 a tray. They also sell frozen wheatgrass.



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