Health Benefits of Detox Enema Coffee | How to do a coffee enema

A passion for coffee? Finally, the perfect way to get just that bit more into your daily rations...

Who amongst us doesn’t love their daily cup of coffee? And now I offer you a properly researched and tested product that may help you to love it just that bit more!

The jury is still out on the benefits and deficits of the effects of coffee and its caffeine on your body, but the science is conclusive on the effects of coffee enemas - there is little doubt at all about its cleansing effects on your liver, and the difference that can make to your health.

You may simply never have thought of putting diluted coffee up your bottom - or you may have considered it and flinched with sheer horror at the idea. But for those of you who were tempted, but didn’t have a clue how to go about it, and even less an idea which coffee to use, or quite why someone had even thought of the concept in the first place – this article is for you.

Today I got sent my first packets of what can really only be described as ‘enema’ coffee. And I was both impressed that someone had thought of the idea, and relieved, because reading the details on the packets, the producer has clearly gone to huge trouble to deal with all the ifs and buts that sometimes complicate buying choices.

First of all, the catchily named ‘Detox Enema Coffee’ is 100% organic, with no pesticides or herbicides used at any point of production (and how many coffees in the supermarkets can you say that about?).

Then, it’s made from 100% Robusta coffee beans, which have double the caffeine levels of Arabica, so packs a powerful detox punch, and it’s very lightly roasted for a short period of time, which also preserves caffeine and antioxidants.

Lastly, it’s extra finely ground, which means it dissolves more smoothly when you are brewing it ready for your enema. The developer of the product spent months researching the global coffee market, talking to the famous Gerson Institute in Hungary, to make sure every detail was carefully thought through. Perfect for an enema, but don’t drink unless you are desperate – it tastes malty and somewhat astringent.

And then there is ‘Raw Green’, unroasted ground coffee, which is excellent for drinking as well as for enemas, but has an additional health boost in that it increases the levels of caffeine and palmitic acid (the fatty acid without which none of your cells would function properly) in every cup.

What are the health benefits of enemas?

Enemas are excellent. They are one of the quickest ways to get nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Simply swallowing a supplement risks many of its benefits disappearing into the acid juices of your stomach, whereas implanting them as an enema gets 100% of those nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Hey presto! A cleaner liver, flat stomach and bags of energy.

Enemas help with inflammation and toxicity, leaving you feeling energised and free from constipation. They also increase the peristaltic action of the bowel, so if you do suffer from constipation, this may just get things moving again.

You can do an enema simply and inexpensively at home, buying an enema bag and large bottle of distilled water from the pharmacy and researching exactly how to do them on the internet.

Why are coffee enemas beneficial?

Coffee enemas have been used from ancient times, and were written about in medical texts as far back as the Egyptian period. The Gerson Institute advocates coffee enemas as a part of their cancer therapy, to boost the immune system and stimulate the liver into dumping its toxins and releasing bile, cleaning up your blood in the process. Enemas quickly access the hepatic vein that lies just inside the large intestine, and carry any implant directly to the liver within a matter of seconds. They are simple to do, and flush out parasites, heavy metals, fungus, candida and bacteria from your digestive tract. Coffee contains caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, which dilate the blood vessels and bile ducts, and relaxes the muscles, increasing the smooth release of bile.

How often should you do an enema at home?

I tend to do a series of enemas once or twice a year, but rarely more than three in a row daily. Alternately, once a week for several weeks. You may be fascinated – and horrified – by what comes out after a coffee enema. Sticky green-grey mucous, small hard dark lumps or even tiny gallstones can be expelled. You will notice your energy levels soar. Bloating and gas disappears and your stomach will feel flatter. Any signs of a cold? Disappear into your bathroom, do a coffee enema, and that is usually the end of it.

How to do a coffee enema

I usually do an initial plain distilled water enema to clear the contents of the bowel and then follow up with the coffee solution. Do them in the morning a couple of hours before a meal so that your gut is less full and the caffeine doesn’t interrupt your sleep.

1 MAKE THE COFFEE – Put two tablespoons of detox enema coffee into a litre of boiled filtered water into a glass cafetière. Leave it to sit for five minutes and then press. Let the liquid cool down for about 2 hours until it reaches room temperature or cooler.

2 TAKE YOUR ENEMA BAG – and hold the bag up above your bathroom sink, with the clamp on the plastic tube fully open. Begin to pour the coffee liquid into the bag until it comes out of the tube and immediately close the clamp. This makes sure there is no air in the tube.

3 LUBRICATE – Lubricate the last inch of the rubber hose attached to the tube with coconut oil. Also lubricate the area around and just inside your rectum.

4 LIE DOWN ON THE FLOOR – Lie on your left side on a towel on the bathroom floor.

5 HANG UP THE ENEMA BAG – This should be hung a foot or two above your body. If you have a hook on the back of your bathroom door, or a suitable door handle, this should work well. You want gravity to boost the water flow.

6 INSERT – Insert the tip of the rubber hose slowly and carefully into your rectum – just a few inches. Sometimes there is an indicator mark on the tube. This is much easier and less traumatic than it may sound!

7 OPEN THE CLAMP – and the coffee solution should begin to flow. If you raise your left leg slightly into the air this improves the speed of the flow.

8 HOLD – Let at least half of the contents of the bag into your colon and try to hold for at least 5 minutes before releasing into the toilet. The first time you do this, it may be hard to hold for even one minute, but once you have let it go, just go back and do a second fill.

9 RE-PLENISH – Coffee enemas can be de-hydrating, so make sure you drink several glasses of water afterwards or rebalance with a glass of electrolytes. If you have a serious medical condition, always check first with your doctor.

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