Healing Type 1 Diabetes with Stem Cells

I was in Florida last year, checking out the raw food protocols of the Hippocrates Health Institute, a remarkable programme that works little less than miracles for many of its seriously ill visitors.  Not far away, at Boynton Beach, is the Maharaj Institute of Immune Regenerative Medicine (formerly The South Florida Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Institute), headed by the world renowned stem cell expert, Dr Dipnarine Maharaj.

It seemed too good an opportunity to miss (bearing in mind my new and all-consuming interest in stem cells), so I persuaded my ever-tolerant husband that we would be foolish not to investigate, rang them and asked if we could come and visit.

America is a truly remarkable place in many ways and the welcome I was given was stunning. We were greeted with charm and enthusiasm, even when I explained that we didn't actually want to have the procedure and that I was merely interested in learning more. We were given an appointment with the director himself, the very next morning.

The Institute is part of an entire medical facility compound with buildings specialising in eyes, ears, teeth and heart health - very convenient and all of them shiny and clean. We walked in the door to be greeted by a smiling receptionist, who introduced us to the rest of the staff, equally as helpful and enthusiastic. This sounds like some sort of advertorial, but it truly isn't! It's more that the shock and surprise of being treated so nicely in a medical facility still lingers. 

Dr Maharaj is a haematologist and oncologist who has authored more than 80 research papers. His knowledge is extensive and his ability to articulate what he knows, clearly and concisely, is impressive. 

Stem cell therapy is the latest and most exciting development in the field of medicine. Stem cells are cells that can turn into any other cell in your body. They are most numerous in the bone marrow, and stem cell therapy is a protocol that moves them from the bone marrow into the blood allowing them to be 'harvested' and used in other parts of the body. Dr Maharaj is working on developing this form of immunotherapy further. As we age, our immune system deteriorates so that it no longer protects us as it used to when we were young. Experiments with mice have shown that when young stem cells are injected into an older, more frail mouse the young stem cells repair damaged cells and stimulate the older mouse’s own immune system to function again. The possibilities are endless.

Discover what stem cells are in my short video with Dr Maharaj

What emerged clearly from my conversation with Dr Maharaj was his belief that stem cells are the way forward for health and humanity. Within the field of medicine their uses will, over the next decades, be found to be vastly more extensive than is currently scientifically proven. Right now, Dr Maharaj is hoping to set up a stem cell research project in conjunction with the University of Glasgow to examine the effects on Alzheimer's. That truly would be the Holy Grail for medicine.

We went away to think about all he had said. It didn't take very long at all... precisely two minutes after leaving the building, and at exactly the same time, my husband and I both said 'we have to do it!'.  It hadn't even been on our bucket list two hours earlier, but Bhutan and Colombia went briskly out the window, and we diverted the budget for our next 4 holidays to Dr Maharaj and his stem cell treatment instead.

The point with stem cells is that the younger and healthier you are when you freeze them, the better. Stem cells weaken as we age and at 55 and 62 we are well past 'optimal', but we are both healthy and the cut-off point seems to be 70 plus. I wish I was 20 years younger but better late than never I suppose. Freezing our stem cells now ensures they will retain the freshness and energy we have right now, while we wait for new medical research to emerge. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an easy recovery from potential health issues 20 years from now. 

Dr Maharaj on healing type 1 diabetes with stem cells:


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Written by health advocate Sara Davenport, founder of one of the UK's largest breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Haven. With over twenty years' experience in holistic health, Sara's digital dose of wellness teaches you to listen to your body, tweak your lifestyle and improve your health. 

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