Endospheres | A cellulite treatment that works

I was walking down the road last week on my way to the supermarket, when a gigantic banner in my hairdresser’s window caught my eye. Impossible to miss because it occupied the entirety of the previously vacant space, it was seriously vast.

But it wasn’t so much the size of the sign that caught my attention, rather the words boldly written on the front in letters large. ‘Anti-cellulite treatment - 97.8% of cases solved‘. Not the vague promises of your average beauty salons and clinics, but a startling statement of fact instead, seemingly secure in its bold promise. And underneath, further promises – 2 sizes less, a 2.5 cm reduction of your thighs and no more orange peel skin.

Now I, as you may know by now (here and here) have tried most things in my search for that cellulite holy grail. And many of them do work to a certain degree. But I am cynical now after all the years of testing, and usually walk on by.

I did this time too, wryly smiling at the unlikeliness of the claim. But after a few more hours I caved. I couldn’t get that banner out of my head - it was the sheer confidence that got me. A 97.8% difference is quite a claim, and finally I couldn’t resist.

I booked.

The very next day, at 4 pm, I went, for the first time down the stairs to the basement. The cellulite machine is called the Endospheres, and it comes from Austria, which is a prosaic land known both for its straight talking and for its medical health engineering. Which boded well.

The treatment lasts an hour, and as I lay on the couch and the lovely therapist, Anastasia, pummelled me with a special hand piece, I tried to work out where the Endospheres fits in the cellulite scheme of things. It’s similar to the sensation - and the effect - of undergoing (and I use the word specifically - or should the correct word be ‘enduring’), a massage by the toughest of the old ladies working in the traditional Turkish Baths, who have been pounding flesh for decades and know exactly how to pummel all signs of cellulite out of existence. I signed up once for 7 daily sessions in Morocco, long ago, and have never forgotten the experience or the colour of my bruises. At the end of the week, however, my legs were jellified - not a lump or a bump left to bear witness.

This felt pretty much the same, minus the pain and the bruises - but all in the space of a single hour thanks to the vibrating, high pressured progress of technology. The machine penetrates deep into your tissue, massaging and smoothing out any congestion. Slightly painful at first, but less so as the minutes ticked by. Liquid legs. That’s what I was left with by the end of the session.

Very interesting - but how long would the liquid effect last? I went away for a week immediately afterwards, and by the time I got back, it had more or less disappeared, though I am convinced the texture of my legs was definitely improved and smoother than for quite a while. So the answer seems to be ‘about 5 days’ and I can quite see, as the therapist explained, that you need to do it 5 or 6 times for longer lasting results.

I have enormous hope. I have signed myself up for a series of 4 sessions, carefully timed for each 5th day to convince my body that liquid legs is an entirely normal state of affairs. This time I really think that with a bit of ‘maintenance’ - regular sessions interspersed here and there across the year – the Endospheres might do just what it says on the tin.

Atelier Chelsea, Kings Rd, London. Contact Alexandra to book on 07950 190112. Standard leg treatment £90 for 45 minutes. .

Quote reboothealth.co.uk when you book and they have kindly offered my readers a 15% discount.


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