Electro-magnetic fields and Smart Meters | Why you should think twice before installing

About three months ago, I got one of those annoying nuisance calls out of the blue. I picked up by mistake and got a hard selling salesman from my electricity supplier. Only he wasn’t, after all, ‘selling’ me anything, just calling to tell me that luckily they were in the area next week and could fit me in for a free smart meter that would save me huge amounts of money on my electricity bills. All I had to do was confirm with him today and hey presto! I would be the lucky owner of said device in a matter of days.

I am those people’s worst nightmare, poor man. Was he seriously suggesting I put one of those immune system destroying machines in my house, I asked? Had he ever considered the damage he and his company were potentially causing? Did he know how many health problems are triggered and exacerbated by the electro-magnetic fields generated by his ‘free’ machine? Had he even read the science? I think it must have been an unusual approach because it stopped him in full flow, and a couple of minutes later he was backtracking quite a bit, and more than pleased to get off the phone, happily accepting ‘no’ for an answer just not to have to speak to me any longer.

I have read many reports on the effects of electro-magnetic stress on the human body. I have also watched videos showing what these same smart meters do to human blood cells (and presumably to the blood cells of your dogs, cats and guinea pigs too) after only two minutes of exposure to the electro-magnetic fields (EMF) that they give off.

Check out takebackyourpower.net. The blood cells mutate in front of your eyes, changing in minutes from healthy, happy round balloons bursting with energy and vibrancy to something that looks misshapen and distorted. The cell walls change; breakdown; clump together. None of which is good. And what happens to you long term as those same frequencies pound away 24/7, month after month; year after year?

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The increase in the numbers of immune system illnesses over the past decade is dramatic. Is it possible that EMF radiation may be one of the causes? Please think carefully about your electrical environment - whether it’s in your home or your office - or you may be doing your health, and that of your family, a serious disfavour.

EMF Soup - one to dilute as much as possible

Today we live in an invisible soup of frequencies. We are bombarded daily by innumerable rays - your WiFi, your phone, your iPad, your PC, televisions and electronic radios to the dishwasher, microwave, oven and washing machine that sit continually ‘on’, gently emanating a frequency of their own and adding to the mix. And they don’t remain contained in your own living space: If your home is in a city, you are being affected by the strength of the waves emanating from your neighbour’s house too. And it’s no better in the countryside. From the electricity station down the road to the pylons that cross the woods and fields. All invisibly pulsating frequencies that are usually, to differing degrees, incompatible with human health.

How to check for EMFs

I bought a tiny device off the internet which is small enough to fit in your pocket but accurately measures the field of your innumerable electrical devices. It costs the same as a pizza for two and is fascinating to play with. Put it up close to your tumble dryer; to your WiFi router or to that self-same smart meter, and watch the dial move. Green is safe, but more often than not the hands will swing rapidly into the red. It doesn’t affect or reduce the electro-magnetic output, but at least you know where not to sit and read your book for hours on end.

How to reduce your EMF exposure

What to say? How can we protect ourselves from a world full of innumerable electro-magnetic waves? Not a problem our grandparents, or many of our parents even, had to contend with. It’s a very 21st century issue and one that is unlikely to lessen as the years go by.

Always tired? Aching joints and muscles? Anyone in your family with ME or glandular fever? Consider electro-magnetic stress as a possible trigger. Grade your symptoms out of 10, take the steps to reduce your exposure, and check, after a week or two, if any of them have noticeably improved.

Google the topic and read a few of the innumerable articles on the subject. Each of us is built differently and some of us react less, if at all, to these EMF fields; others far more. I would suggest you simply minimise, to the best of your ability, your direct exposure, and that of your family.

Swap from wireless to wired where you can. Put the wire back into your PC and forget about the convenience of that wireless model. Even your computer keyboard and mouse can affect you if they are wireless. Check your existing router, and replace it if necessary with a low EMF model. Those old fashioned fixed house phones are perfectly safe; mobile phones, however, give out a field that can affect your brain, or anywhere else for that matter. Never carry them in your trouser or breast pocket unless they are on airplane mode - and keep small children’s usage to a minimum.

Replace ‘smart’ home devices where you can. Make sure you aren’t sleeping in the midst of strong EM fields at night - never leave your electric blanket on all night, for instance, and remove any electronic clock-radio from your bedside table. Don’t sleep next to a switched on mobile phone and switch off any plugs directly behind the bed and therefore close to your head all night. Think I am sounding paranoid? Don’t take my word for it - check it out with your EMF meter. The field stretches quite a way...

How to protect yourself from EMFs

Again, just google the topic. There is a solution for all of it, and there are a myriad of companies offering EMF protectors for just about everything. One of my favourites is giawellness.com whose products have been conclusively tested by a variety of laboratories and universities and whose unique shielding technology is patented in the US.

And finally, what to do about your electricity smart meter?

Just call the electricity company and ask them to put the old fashioned normal meter back. They have to do this, even though, as they have quotas to make and fines if they don’t get there, they will do their best to persuade you otherwise.

They may charge you, but I would suggest it’s a charge worth paying. If you want to keep it, cellphone-health.com offers a smart meter defender (Did you even know there was such a thing?!).

Happy defending – and may the force be with you.


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Written by health advocate Sara Davenport, founder of one of the UK's leading breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Haven. With over twenty years' experience in holistic health, Sara's digital dose of wellness teaches you to listen to your body, tweak your lifestyle and improve your health. 

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