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Acilis Silica Water: A Bottle A Day Should Keep Your Brain OK

How to get rid of mercury, aluminium and lead from your body

I am always suspicious when I hear the claims made by the companies flooding the shelves of the health food stores with their super healthy products. There’s rarely any science or testing behind them, and I often think, when googling articles on the internet, that many of the benefits they lay claim to are simply regurgitations of the placement articles on the pages behind them - perhaps planted by the manufacturers of that self same product. I always, therefore, like to try anything out before I write about it, and test before and after to make sure their claims are accurate.

So when I heard about a pure rainforest water that removed toxic metals - aluminium in particular - at the same time as efficiently hydrating I was intrigued but not particularly hopeful.


Water that washes away your toxic metals 

Acilis water (the name reads Silica backwards) comes from an artesan aquifer in Malaysia, naturally rich in silica. It filters through 420 ft of rock under 330 acres of protected 200 million year old rain forest,  bubbling up to create a naturally pure water rich in silicic acid, a rare soluble form of silica that is easily taken up by the body and is said to boost collagen, reducing wrinkles and creating harder nails and more supple joints. It also reduces hair loss.

Researchers from Keele University have found it successfully removes aluminium, a neurotoxin which is linked to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Autism.

Great claims indeed, and I sincerely wished they were true, but the only way to verify them it seemed to me, would be to drink it daily for several months, testing my toxic metal levels before, and then again after. The results would speak - happily or unhappily - for themselves.


So where does this metal come from?

It comes from almost everywhere and everything around you. The environment we live in today is polluted. The air that you breathe, the water that you drink and the food that you eat are all to some degree affected by the thousands and thousands of metals, chemicals and other nasties that have become an integral part of our lives. 

There is metal of some sort in everything from your household cleaning products to the aluminium in many of our underarm deodorants. Do you cook with aluminium pans? Or live in a house with copper pipes? Do you have replacement hips or knees, fillings in your mouth, pacemakers for your heart? Even shrapnel or a stent? Each breath you take of our polluted air is filled with invisible particulates, minuscule particles of lead and aluminium, alongside innumerable other human harming substances. And once that metal has lodged itself somewhere in your organs and tissues, there it stays, causing trouble as time passes and its overall toxic load increases.

Metal is viewed as 'alien' by the body, which doesn't recognise it and has no in-built over the millennia systems to deal with it. It sets off all sorts of immune system alarms, upping defensive systems, which go on high alert - permanently.  Remove the metal, however, and many of your symptoms may disappear, giving your liver, kidney and auto-immune system the chance to work properly once more....

And consider what’s gone into your mouth over the years. Have you had fillings, bridges, implants, root canals or crowns? Dentists use a wide variety of metals according to their training and you may have a combination of thallium, gold, titanium, mercury, palladium, nickel, aluminium, tin and more in your teeth and jaw bone.  

Until fairly recently too, fillings contained large amounts of mercury. We know now that mercury is toxic and that it is a trigger for both mental health and physical problems. The World Health Organisation considers it to be one of the 10 most dangerous chemicals for human health and states on its website that even the smallest amount of mercury exposure can cause serious issues, affecting almost all our body systems - immunity, digestion, nervous system, kidneys, eyes, skin and lungs. Memory, and impaired cognition are just some of the symptoms, alongside headaches and mood changes such as increased irritability, depression and anxiety.  And yet many of us in the UK still have mercury fillings, and as those fillings age and breakdown, they can release a gaseous vapour of minuscule particles that travel throughout your body, penetrating deep into your tissues, affecting your organs and triggering myriad unexplained health problems.


Why worry about heavy metals in the body? 

Because, in a nutshell, they can overwhelm your immune system, stopping it from protecting you properly, and make you very unwell. Aluminium, copper, lead and mercury in particular are a serious problem. Brain fog? Count your metal content. Irritability, weakened eye-sight, mood changes and neuralgia have all been reported as regular side effects of metal toxicity

Most metals are a danger to the human body and however minimal the amounts you are exposed to, slowly, over time your levels are only likely to increase. Toxic metals are one of the few things that the body cannot excrete on its own: get rid of those metals though, and health and brain benefits often follow.  

Toxic metal poisoning is something we should all consider testing for, whether suffering from a health issue of any kind or not - more in my book.


How to check your toxic metal levels

Biolab offer a vast range of tests ( - and amongst them is their 18 element toxic metal urine test which covers mercury, aluminium, copper, lead, nickel and tin. Simple to do, you send it off to their labs and a week or so later it is emailed over to your doctor or nutritionist, who then talks you through the results. Mine revealed low amounts of most metals - but my aluminium levels were higher than they should be.

So I ordered four months of Acilis water supplies - over a litre a day, nearly 130 bottles - and sat down to drink my way religiously through them. I started at the end of March and the repeat test is just in. Revealing - remarkably - that Acilis water did just what it promised in the marketing.

My aluminium level halved in the time, and my mercury levels went down by around 90%.

So, genius, quite frankly and a painless way to detox from metals. I drink at least a litre of water every day, and at the same price as any of the supermarket brands, I might as well drink Acilis from here on in. At 67p a litre it’s competitive - and it has the health edge! I could make it to toxic-metal-perfect in another six months or so. 

I was, however, concerned about their carbon footprint. Shipping the bottles all the way from Malaysia feels completely against the grain in these days of climate change, but when I went back to the company and asked questions I came away reassured. Acilis is shipped on sea containers that travel 6,500 miles from Malaysia, no better or worse than the millions of other goods transported in a similar way, from one country to another, as a normal part of world trade. And at present, according to the company’s figures, the amount sold in Britain is so small as to have virtually no carbon footprint at all.  Thinking about that further, I suppose that if you compare the massive carbon footprint chalked up by companies like Volvic, with millions of bottles exported from France and shipped far and wide across the globe, the Acilis footprint is currently insignificant. Fiji water, too, comes from even further away in the Pacific.  

And, now that I am on my Greta Thunberg inspired plastics kick, what about their plastic bottles and the environment? The water is currently already bottled in 30% plant-based bio-plastic, and the company have pledged to go 100% as soon as they can make the process economically viable.

So here’s raising a glass to a water that does more than simply hydrate!

ACILIS by Spritzer is distributed for home delivery online from the UK by and costs 55p for a 400ml bottle and £1.32 for a 1.5L bottle.


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