5 easy ways to detox your life

How do you detox your life? And why is detox necessary?

Think of your body as a glass half full of pure, clear water. Then, imagine it slowly changing over the years as it becomes tainted by toxins from polluted air and water, chemical-filled foods and household products. Imagine the water changing and becoming darker and more viscous. See the glass filling more and more with this dark liquid. The higher the level rises and the darker and denser the liquid becomes, the harder your body has to work to protect you. It no longer has time to do the repair and renew work to keep you fit and healthy. 

Yet making simple changes will detox your life and clean up the liquid in your glass. 

Five easy ways to detox your life

Toxins in tap water

Your body is 60% water. Do you know what’s in the water that you drink, or the water that you shower in? Most tap water contains small amounts of toxic chemicals like fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, metals and nitrates and other cancer causing substances that have been shown to be the cause of many health problems. Drinking it straight from the tap, cooking with it or bathing in it means that you absorb it. So it's important to make sure the water you flood your body with is as pure as possible. The easiest and most inexpensive way to do this is to invest in a Zero Water filter. At less than £40, (available on amazon) this water filter jug has been tested repeatedly to show its effectiveness in removing every single toxin from the water it purifies, unlike most of the better known brands (such as Brita, which fails on quite a few of the tests). Carry out your own research.

When I bought a Zero, I couldn’t believe the difference – either in the taste or the readings (you get a testing kit when you buy the product). If you aren't a fan of downing large quantities of water, experiment with fresh herbal infusions - fresh ginger and mint are simple and delicious additions.

What are the benefits of organic food?

Are you baffled by the information in the press about organic food? There are so many confusing messages. One week, headlines scream 'Eat Organic!’ and the next, we're told it doesn’t matter at all. That it’s better to eat fruit and vegetables that are sprayed than no fruit and vegetables at all.  This is a hard one, because organic food is much more expensive than non-organic, but I would say it was probably better to eat less and eat purer if you have health issues of any kind. I was standing in a field of bright green wheat at the weekend, when it forcibly hit home. I watched a tractor drive slowly up and down the field. As it did, a huge jet of chemicals sprayed out behind it, covering the wheat with pesticides.

We hardly stand a chance of avoiding the toxins the food industry dump on us. So to detox your life you really have to help yourself as much as you can. Much of the chronic disease you see around you is due to those pesticides and the chemicals and toxic oils in the processed foods that so many of us eat daily. Pesticides sink in through the skin of your fruits and vegetables very easily, and washing really doesn’t do much. The lovely luscious strawberry you think is good for you is likely to be coated in a sheen of industrial chemicals. The same goes for the healthy apple a day that’s meant to keep the doctor away. In today’s world, I believe it could do the reverse - speeding you more rapidly towards the doctor’s surgery. This is a controversial view, but it's one I stand by after years spent researching health and disease.

Wherever possible, opt for a locally grown organic box or buy your fruit and veg from the farmer's market. Local, fresh and unsprayed food is the ideal to aim for.

How toxic are household cleaning products?

Do you clean your home with chemical supermarket sprays? Do you cover your body each day with lotions and potions that you may not realise are filled with parabens and chemicals? It’s not hard to build up toxicity unknowingly from every day items.

More than 3,000 different chemicals are used to make cleaning products and toiletries; make-up; hair spray; sun creams; body lotions; perfume; shower and bath gels. Household cleaners, sprays and polishes all contain chemicals that build up in the human body over time. They all slow down the body’s systems and functions. Residues from plastics in bottles, pesticides and detergents mimic hormones. They may block estrogen and progesterone and can cause havoc with your adrenal and thyroid glands. Did you know that cotton wool, tampons, toilet paper and nappies all contain chlorinated bleach?

Make simple changes. Check labels whenever you buy something and switch to organic products where you can. Almost all household cleaning products can be made inexpensively and naturally. Recipes often use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. They were used safely by households for hundreds of years, right up to the last few decades and can be duplicated just for a few pence.

Recycle your synthetic clothes

Are your clothes synthetic and sprayed with chemicals that leach into your body? Have you ever walked into Primark and smelt that chemical smell that permeates the whole shop? That is the smell of the solvents, acids, dyes and flame retardants the clothes have been sprayed with and that have been proved by research to be carcinogenic. The human skin is very porous, and takes in, in a matter of seconds, what is put on it. Make sure it’s not something that will build up dangerous toxins inside you, ultimately creating chronic disease and myriad health problems.

This is an interesting one as you grow older. Have you noticed (this is mainly addressed to my female readers…) that your hot flushes, or just body heat generally, rises depending on what clothes you are wearing? I only recently worked this one out. (It’s amazing what you learn as you age that you didn’t have a clue about when you were younger..) Any words other than 100% cotton, silk, linen, bamboo, hemp, wool, flax, linen or ‘natural’ on the label will make you hotter.

Are mercury fillings bad for you?

Do you have mercury fillings in your mouth? Many of us in late middle age were children at a time when dentists went crazy with mercury fillings. They don’t do that anymore, because they worked out that mercury is toxic to the human body. Mercury has even been banned from thermometers. You can’t buy them anywhere, except in third world countries now. And that is because if a child bites on one and breaks it, or if it is dropped on the floor and broken, the fumes are toxic to human beings. They can’t actually declare the mercury illegal, because that might risk the issue of millions of law suits from people whose health has been impacted by the mercury fillings. Instead they quietly changed the formula and no mercury is put in people’s mouths today.

But if you are one of the unfortunate ones who has numerous silver fillings in your mouth, and if you have health problems that just won’t go away, then please get your teeth checked. By the time your fillings have been in your mouth for decades, they begin to wear, and tiny bits of mercury, and mercury fumes, may be affecting you on a daily basis. You may need to have them removed, and replaced. If you do, find yourself an experienced natural dentist who uses the SMART system (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique). All dentists will tell you they remove mercury fillings, but there are different sorts of removal. If your fillings are just drilled out as you sit there, then you are in danger of getting even sicker. Small particles of mercury will wash down your throat, and end up lodged in various organs. This is obviously the opposite of detoxing! Your body can’t remove toxic metals on its own. So your teeth may finally now be mercury free, but the original problem just moved to a different area instead.

Just do it!

Detox your life, and you detox your body. The list of reasons why this is so essential a part of your health maintenance goes on and on. Remove the toxins and you give your body a chance to recover and to heal itself. Remove the toxins and many of your symptoms often vanish in a short period of time. If you don’t try it, you will never know. 

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